GlobalStake’s Commitment: Why Sustainability Matters at Our Global Data Centers

Our modern, high-performance infrastructure rides on the shoulders of hyperconnected data centers, humming hives of equipment powering the next generation of applications. However, this vital function comes at a cost: energy consumption and carbon emissions. At GlobalStake, we recognize this responsibility and are committed to doing things differently. 

We’re on a mission to maintain a carbon-negative footprint across our global data centers – but not just for show. We will always be carbon-negative by removing more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than we add.

GlobalStake believes in real sustainability, choosing partners who share our values and ensuring our customers contribute to, not take from, the planet.

Carbon Offsets: More Than Just a Marketing Buzzword

Carbon offset programs have surged in popularity, offering companies a seemingly effortless, if not pricey, path to carbon neutrality. Unfortunately, the industry isn’t without its pitfalls. Some offsets lack transparency, offering dubious projects or buying time without tangible impact. Others might use misleading language or imagery to create a false impression of environmental commitment. This practice, known as greenwashing, harms consumers and dilutes the power of genuine sustainability efforts.

Beyond greenwashing, it’s crucial to evaluate the quality of carbon offsets. Not all offsets are created equal, and some carry significant risks. GlobalStake has a simple five-point measure of effectiveness:

  • Organization:
    Is the partner and program aligned with GlobalStake’s objectives, and are they focused on the task vs. expending resources elsewhere?
  • Additionality:
    Do the offsets represent real, additional emission reductions that wouldn’t have happened anyway? Without additionality, offsets shift responsibility around without achieving actual impact.
  • Permanence:
    Can the emission reductions be sustained over time? Deforestation projects, for example, can be reversed by fires or logging, negating the initial benefit.
  • Leakage:
    Do the projects avoid displacing emissions elsewhere? For instance, protecting a forest in one area might lead to increased logging in another.
  • Verification & Transparency:
    Are the projects independently verified, and do they report transparently on methodology, impact, and potential risks?
Investing in low-quality offsets undermines the entire system and can make things worse. We won’t settle for it; GlobalStake demands genuine solutions and measurable results.

Planting the Seeds of Change: Our Partnership with One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted logo

We’re proud to partner with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to global reforestation. We know reforestation isn’t a silver bullet, but it is a powerful tool in the fight against climate change. Trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide, and One Tree Planted ensures carbon offsets translate into verified tree-planting projects worldwide, creating ecological and social benefits in communities that need them most.

How does One Tree Planted pass our test?

  • Organization:
    One Tree Planted is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit with a 4/4 rating from Charity Navigator
  • Additionality:
    They’re the only provider with projects demonstrably creating new forests where they wouldn’t otherwise exist.
  • Permanence:
    They plant native trees with high survival rates and monitor projects for years to ensure longevity.
  • Leakage:
    They carefully select project locations and collaborate with local communities to minimize displacement risks.
  • Verification & Transparency:
    They are certified by Verra, a leading carbon standard, sharing detailed reports on their website.

Carbon offsets are not a panacea but can be a valuable tool when chosen thoughtfully. We encourage you to join us in prioritizing transparency, accountability, and genuine impact when evaluating your carbon offset options.

GlobalStake’s commitment extends beyond carbon offsets. We’re actively reducing our environmental footprint through:

  • Energy efficiency:
    optimizing cooling systems, utilizing renewables, and employing innovative technologies to reduce energy consumption.
  • Circular economy practices:
    extending equipment lifespan by using next-gen network fabrics and systems with longer life cycles, promoting responsible e-waste disposal, and actively seeking recycling and reuse opportunities.
  • Sustainable data center design:
    deploying facilities with green building principles in mind, minimizing environmental impact from the ground up.
a woman planting a tree in the mountains

Transparency & Action: Building a Greener Future

GlobalStake understands that true sustainability requires transparency and action. We’re unafraid to engage and share our progress, challenges, and goals. We believe in holding ourselves accountable. We invite you to join us on this journey, as building a sustainable future requires collective action. 

Please connect with us to learn more about our sustainability initiatives, explore One Tree Planted’s incredible work, and share your ideas on collectively building a greener future for our digital world. Together, we can ensure that the data powering our lives doesn’t come at the expense of our planet. 

Let’s plant the seeds for a more sustainable future, one byte, and one tree at a time.

truck with plants in the mountains